Contenders 17

Fast becoming the premier organisation in the UK, Contenders 17 is back at the norwich showground arena and do they have a jam packed night of action waiting for you all.  They have some of the brightest stars in all of mixed martial arts and you can watch the whole event live in stunning HD on MMA TV.

Main Card: Starts 9pm

Jason Radcliffe (Tiger Muay Thai) VS Wilfried Edmund (Team Magnum, Paris) MW TITLE PRO MMA
Corrin Eaton (Team Titon MMA) VS Igor Camino-Mora (France) FW PRO MMA
Tomas Siaucila (Team Noguiria) VS David Small (Team Force/Muay Thai Inc) HW PRO K1
Jamie Powell (Avaddon MMA) Vs Daniel Barez (Training Unit) Fly W PRO MMA
Andre Goncalves (Tsunami Norfolk) VS Kim Thinghaugen (Vall Hall) LW PRO MMA

Undercard: Starts 7.15pm

Mark Percival (Team Force MMA) VS Svajunas Siaucilia (Antonios Gym) HW PRO MMA
Ivan Golod (Antonios Gym) VS Kay Erikssen (Vall Hall) 80kg cw PRO MMA
Jamie Richardson (Team Force) Vs Joseph Karim (Frontline Academy) MW PRO MMA
Martin Shaddick (United Fighters) Vs Rick Browne (Elite Training Centre) HW MMA
Luke Warrall (Independent) vs Giwrgos Koulalis (Eagles KB Academy) 73kg cw K1

Prelim card: Starts 6pm

Dylan Evans (Team Force MMA) VS Fredrick HØifØdt (Vallhal) CW 74kg MMA
Jake Catterall (Regal Fight Club) VS Cameron Cunningham (Unit 1 Gym) CW 63kg K1
Powel Dabowski (United Fighters) Vs Astijus Saulinskis (Antonios) MW K1
Niclas Eriksen (Vall Hall) (Debut) vs Ollie Sarwa (Team Force) BW MMA
Daumantas Matulevicius (Assassins) VS Paulo Augusto (Team Fuzetta) LW K1
Idris Philips-Fry (Regal Fight Club) Vs Sean Robinson (Kickstart Martial Arts) 73kg K1
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