Spartacus Fighting Championship 4

Live mixed martial arts action from Bulgaria, featuring some of the top fighters from around the world

Fight card:

Main Card Intercontinental Heavyweight MMA Title : 
Lucas Xavier (Brasil) Vs John Demmel (England)
Middleweight MMA Title
Jimmy Miller (England) Vs Ali Eskiev (Chechnia) 

Middleweight K1 Title  Kristian Andonov (Bulgaria/UK) Vs Kamil Koltan (Poland)
Welterweight K1 Title  Chris Bray (England) Vs Adriatic Cami (Albania) 
55 kg Pro MMA Valerija Sotcenko (Latvia) Vs Anita Doganova (Bulgaria) 

Under Card
Bruno "Shaolin" Silva (Portugal) Vs Colin Wilby (England) - 88 kg Pro MMA 
Marina Lvova (Russia) Vs Christina Stelliou (Greece) - 57 kg Pro 
Sanda Ilias Spetsiotis (Greece) Vs Todor Diklich (Bulgaria) - 90 kg Pro 
Sanda Borislav Nikolic (Serbia) Vs Iskren Ivanov (Bulgaria) - 62 kg Pro MMA

More about the event:
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